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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Richards Reporter Dec 2011

Dear Family & Friends,

Well the date on the newsletter says 2011, but obviously we didn't quite make it. However, with a liberal interpretation of what constitutes the "Holiday Season" we are going to tell ourselves that we still managed to get it out on time. We hope this message finds you well and we wish everyone the happiest of years.
Judd, Meridith, Mariah, Jayden, and Marshall

Happy Holidays from The Richards

Game On!
Marshall graduated from preschool in the spring and joined his older brother and sister at the elementary school in the fall. He has enjoyed kindergarten and learned a number of new things. His reading skills are coming along quite nicely. He showed no fear during the family vacation to Disneyland. "That was totally awesome!" he exclaimed after riding the Matterhorn. However, when asked if he had fun on Space Mountain, his response was "Yes, but I don't want to go on it again." He's got some pretty good gaming skills and will be the first to tell you he has "unlocked more guys, and has more gold bricks than his father" on Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7.

Licensed to Heal!
At the beginning of the year, Meridith completed an online refresher course in order to renew her RN license. She was able to satisfy the clinical requirements for this renewal by working with the school nurse at the kids' elementary school which proved to be very convenient. Determined not to be outdone by Judd in the camping department, Meridith had a fun time attending this year's YW camp with the ward. Serving as the YW Assistant Camp Director, she had spent many a mutual night getting the YW certified in their various outdoor skills. In the the fall, Meridith hired on part-time at a nearby charter school, Eduprize, as a school nurse. She has enjoyed working there two days a week and treating all manner of student ailments.

Bombing Idaho

Judd has had a fun year. His adventures with the Scouts took him to see the Tonto Natural Bridge (quite the picturesque formation) and deep into the bowels of the earth on a very muddy spelunking trip to Peppersauce Caves. His work provided him the opportunity to travel to exotic locations like Idaho and California. He enjoyed watching simulated military exercises involving A-10 Warthogs and V-22 Ospreys. He was pleased when the Stake announced they were going to have a men's basketball season and while the ward team he was on fell just short of their "title" ambitions he had a fun time playing.

The One and Only
Mariah has checked a number of things off her to-do list. Thanks to a family vacation to Disneyland in the spring she is no longer "the only 5th grader" who hasn't been to the Magic Kingdom. In November, we acquired a dog named Ginger to ensure that she would no longer be "the only 6th grader" without a "real pet" (evidently fish and birds don't count). She has enjoyed being in the 6th grade. Even though she still goes to the same school (Cortina is K-8), she likes having multiple teachers. She opted for band as one of her electives, and is currently learning how to play the trombone. She has also had a lot of fun doing horseback riding lessons this year. Hopefully, she can come to terms with being "the only ?th grader" who doesn't have their own horse.

I am a Jedi
Jayden has had an eventful year. He had fun participating in both soccer and basketball through Parks & Rec. He too enjoyed the Magic Kingdom. One of his favorite parts was being able to participate in "Jedi Training" and getting his official Jedi Diploma. He started 3rd Grade in the fall and has been doing a lot of required reading. He had his 8th birthday and was baptized on the easy to remember date of 09/10/11. That was a memorable occasion for the whole family. He has enjoyed being a Cub Scout and being a member of the Wolf Den.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

More Marshall-isms

"Mom, when I grow up, I will miss my friends. Mom, when I grow up and move out of this house, I will know your phone number. But mom, I don't want to leave this house when I grow up, cause I will miss my bike." He's talking about his Spiderman tricycle. Can you imagine??? The things this boy says....


My handsome hubby

Mariah and Jayden playing with play-doh

Mariah and Jayden playing with play-doh
Hi, so this is our new house that we just moved into, back in May, and we have no toys unpacked and no TV to watch so we are playing playdoh today...


At the Tree of Life WaltDisneyWorld, FL